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Gift Wizard

1.89 usd

Put some science into your gift giving!Gift Wizard is an intelligent gift engine that helps you match people to gifts saving you time, money and stress when looking for the right gift for different occasions.
Great for busy, thoughtful people on the move looking for last minute gift ideas.
Quickly cut through advertising noise to create, refine and share a custom list of gifts via email, SMS, To Do List Apps (like Task Radar) or your favorite Social Network.
Have some fun saving personalized profiles for friends, family (even yourself!) so they can be carried with you and conveniently reused for different gift occasions.
Often the challenge is knowing where to start when buying gifts. Gift Wizard uses a mathematical algorithm to score Gift Ideas against the personal characteristics of a recipient. You enter the recipients characteristics (Occasion, Age, Gender, Interests, Personality type, Next big life challenge, Price range) and Gift Wizard will return a list of Gift Ideas that score the highest so you can further refine.
NOTE: Gift Wizard is designed to get you 90% of the way to a decision on what would be an appropriate gift, and then the rest is over to you to find where to buy the gift! Robert Nazarian "after one gift idea, it’s already paid for itself" Luke Patrick "This app is a godsend ...Gift Wizard is an unbeatable bargain, producing genuinely custom tailored results that will make you a smash hit at any party."
Key features1. Unique and specialized personality categories integrated with a structured decision engine that we believe delivers consistently better results. 2. Incredibly fast search (much faster than any online engines) and a beautifully smooth UI that’s easy to use.3. Absolutely no advertising, so there are no distractions from just deciding on what would be a great gift.4. No internet is required which means you can conveniently use anywhere without having to pay data charges and it’s safe for children.5. Doesn’t try to “up sell” you on a limited set of choices from a retailers warehouse of stock, instead focuses on what category of gift would suit your recipient so you have the freedom to decide where to buy.
Please note:Note: The gift list for each recipient changes if the recipients characteristics change (Occasion, Age, Gender, Interests, Personality type, Next big life challenge, Price range). Over time recipients circumstances, age and interests change so we have attempted to cater for this.
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